Organizational Structure for The Mindful Beauty Secrets by Elizabeth Reid Boyd

We have author Dr. Elizabeth Reid Boyd talking to us about Organizational Structure for The Mindful Beauty Secrets.

Dr Elizabeth Reid Boyd has degrees in psychology and gender studies. She has taught interpersonal, communication, and personal development skills including meditation, self-awareness, self-care and mindfulness at the university level for almost two decades. She writes fiction as Eliza Redgold.

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The Mindful Beauty Secrets

In The Secrets of Mindful Beauty, we wanted to ensure the ‘beauty secrets’ we provided were underpinned by authentic mindfulness concepts to improve well-being. In the book, readers are gently guided to learn, develop, and maintain their skills in these areas. Each of the twenty Mindful Beauty Secrets provided utilises one or more of these life-enhancing concepts:

Increasing awareness of yourself and your surroundings is a key aspect of mindfulness. You’ll learn Mindful Beauty techniques to develop your attention and engage your senses through exercises such as visualization and focusing, as well as simple breathing and meditation practices. Face and body scanning will increase your consciousness and body-responsiveness and your felt-sense of self. You’ll become more mindful of your bodily sensations, thoughts and feelings as well as the everyday and natural world around you.

Accepting ourselves as we are, our bodies, minds and emotions, is the next step in mindfulness training. Mindful Beauty techniques include meditation and mirror-work to develop a non-judgmental stance and become more accepting and approving of how you look. Cognitive training methods will help with negative self-talk and boost your beauty and body esteem. You will develop a life-changing attitude shift toward yourself.

Mindfulness builds mental muscle. It’s a practice that has an initial pay-off and even better long term benefits, just like going to the gym. Mindful Beauty meditations that train your mind go hand in hand with physical training, including better beauty and self-care strategies, on-the spot stress reduction tools, affirmations and bad mood busters that exercise your body and mind.

Once you’re mindful of your physical, mental and emotional state, it’s easier to let go. Mindful Beauty relaxation techniques include stress-reduction practices, face and body muscle relaxation methods, tools to release physical and mental tension, as well as reviving beauty and self-care rituals that have an added benefit when carried out in a more mindful way. You’ll soon feel more calm and beautiful.

Loving-kindness is both a result and practice of mindfulness. Mindful Beauty techniques include contemplation and consciousness-raising that increase your self-care and compassion, and bring joy and gentleness into your everyday beauty routines. You’ll learn how to practice many acts of kindness toward yourself, and see who you are with a more loving gaze.

 The Secrets of Mindful Beauty: Revolutionary Techniques in Anti-Aging and Self-Care

If you think the answer to anti-aging and looking good comes from a jar, a salon, or a surgical procedure: think again. The best beauty treatment is in your own mind.

Did you know

Depression can give you wrinkles
Insomnia can cause sagging skin
Anxiety can increase reddening and skin rashes
Stress can result in acne and hair loss
and much more?

Discover the secrets of mindful beauty. Lose your permanent frown. Smooth your worried brow without Botox. Turn your sag lines into smile lines. These age-defying techniques have been specially created for a happier, more beautiful you.

Mindful beauty is a way of applying the practices of mindfulness to our physical health and well-being. Many of our routines around beauty lend themselves to mindfulness, and this will not only enhance the experience, but also have ongoing positive beautifying effects by reducing the stress and anxiety that can affect how we look and feel.

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  1. I’ve seen this book on another blog. I’m definitely curious about the contents. I do like beauty and self-care books.

  2. I'm not a fan of self 'help' books because of a ridiculous friend always trying to drag me into her drama. But I bought this, read a few chapters this morning, and liked them. Then I continued to delve so deep into writing today that I forgot to each lunch. Heh... So much for mindfulness, though there is always a chance for improvement while still alive. I recommend the read, Chrys!

    1. I love this story, Darla! So glad you enjoyed the book. Sounds like writing is your 'yoga'.

  3. Good point. We spend so much time on our outer appearance and forget that having mental peace is the best beauty regimen.

  4. Wonderful thoughts! This definitely looks like a useful and informative read!

  5. Hi Kelly and Eliza - thanks for letting us know about this book - life's essentials as we all develop at certain stages of our lives. I'll definitely take a closer look - cheers Hilary

  6. It's so important to accept yourself as you are. I think it's one of those lessons I'll be learning throughout my life. Cheers - Ellen

  7. Such wonderful tips. Great for beauty and life happiness. :)

  8. I've seen such a difference in how I look after my yoga practice. It is amazing how being in touch with yourself and the moment releases all those worry lines. Thanks. I know what you're sharing is right on the mark.

  9. Stress can cause wrinkles? Oh boy. I'm in trouble.