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This week author Amy Ruttan shares her about writing journey. And she has a new book out this month, Baby Bombshell for the Doctor Prince

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Amy fled the big city to settle down with the country boy of her dreams. When she's not furiously typing away at her computer, she's a mom to three children.
Life got in the way, and after the birth of her second child, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a romance author.

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I thought I’d write about the things I’ve learned since I first became a published author back in 2007. Wow. It’s hard to believe that sometimes it’s been over a decade. I have books no longer in publication. I’ve survived houses shutting, rights reversing and changes to editors.
I’ve navigated a lot, I’ve taken a lot of classes and these are the pieces that work for me. They might not work for you, because every one is different in their process, but I thought I would share some advice that has proven right for me.
1. The best thing I ever learned when I wanted to start writing category was read. And if you want to write for category, which is a different beastie compared to single title books, read the newest acquisitions in that line.
It’s all great and good to have been reading that particular category line you’re targeting for as long as you can remember, but when you’re targeting that line, read the newest stuff out there. Lines change, wants and needs of editorial changes, so always read the newest thing they’re publishing. In fact, this is no secret and most publishers tell you this on their submission page.
2. Don’t chase trends. What’s hot today, might not be hot when the editor is looking for it. When I write a book, it’s usually not out until 6-12 months later. Unless you have a manuscript for that hot trend, work on developing your brand and your voice. I spent a few years doing, what I call, spaghetti writing. I was throwing stuff out there to see what stuck and that was no way to build a brand.
3. What works for author A, might not work for author B or C or even D. Do what’s right for you. You’re not a plotter, that’s okay. You plot, perfect. You edit as you go, great. You don’t, it’s okay. You do you.
4. On the flip side, don’t beat yourself up if you can’t write every day. If you’re staring at a blinking cursor, get up and move. Do something else. For me, I have to think. The books is percolating in my head for a while, even while doing other stuff. Then there’s this moment where a light bulb switches on and it comes out. It’s taken me over ten years to realize that this is my process and that it’s okay that it’s my process.
The most important thing is to be kind to yourself. Protect your health and your mental health. Be professional, in the age of social media, you have to be mindful about what you say and to whom you say it to.

I don’t often recommend courses because again, what might work for me, might not work for you, but I’m going to HIGHLY recommend Becca Syme’s WRITE BETTER FASTER. It’s not so much writing faster, but it was this course that changed me. Turned me around from burn out to production again because it focused on my personality strengths and I was ready to do the work.

Amy's new book:

Baby Bombshell for the Doctor Prince

His secret: he’s a prince!

Her secret: she’s carrying his baby!

After ER doc Lev Vanin shared one unforgettable night with gorgeous Dr. Imogen Hayes, he never expected to see her again. He couldn’t tell Imogen he’s actually a prince! But when a revolution at home forces Lev into hiding, he ends up working in Imogen’s hospital and his secret is out! Plus, Lev’s life is about to be turned upside down once again…because Imogen’s pregnant with his heir!

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