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One Bite Leads To Another

After a spate of violence on his home island, Leonardo D’Silva returns home to find chaos on Lenuka
Island. Who is responsible for this? And is the intriguing schoolteacher, Evelyn Hathaway connected to any of it? Face to face with Eve, Leo is taken back to the memory of his first love. Who was Eve? Was she a witch? And when Leo turns to his real vampire self after a night with Eve, will she still accept him?

Evelyn Hathaway is intrigued by the handsome Leonardo D'Silva, the benefactor of her school, whom she's met for the very first time. Handsome, sophisticated and oh, so gentlemanly, she can't get him out of her mind. She's never met him before, yet she senses a strong connection, a feeling that they've met somewhere before, in another time and place.  Who is this Leonardo D'Silva, with the hint of a demonic glint in his eye? Can it be possible...?

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, Kelly! I got a copy of your book, and I plan on posting a reviews after I read it. :) I am intrigued by Leonardo. ;)

    1. Hi Chrys!

      Loved your post. Thanks for getting a copy of One Bite! I do hope you will love Leo!

  2. Oh cool!I will get my copy now! :)

  3. Fun title- it's sort of how I am w/potato chips, lol!

    1. Lol! Leandra. The sequel is titled One Bite for THE UNBORN!

  4. Good Luck! That's an intriguing cover.

  5. This has been a good day for book sales, er...discounted books, something like that. I added this one to my Kindle.

  6. Thanks for sharing your book with us on Kindle for free! I got my copy and look forward to reading it. :) Thanks!

  7. That is a great title and book blurb. I've put this on my list, good luck with your book!

  8. So sorry I missed the free download!!! I'll check it out anyway!