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A. M. Griffin is a wife who rarely cooks, mother of three, dog owner (and sometimes dog owned), a daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She’s a hard worker whose two favorite outlets are reading and writing. She enjoys reading everything from mystery novels to historical romances and of course fantasy romance. She is a believer in the unbelievable, open to all possibilities from mermaids in our oceans and seas, angels in the skies and intelligent life forms in distant galaxies. ARC for new books are here. Sign up for my newsletter to receive info and giveaways.

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Author Name: A.M. Griffin
Title: Dark Wolf Enterprises
Sub-genre promoting (Contemporary, Paranormal, SciFi, etc): Paranormal

1)      What makes your hero(es) sexy?
Kristof Farkas of Dark Wolf Enterprises is a wolf shifter. Need I say more? LOL. He’s tall dark and handsome. He’s a take control sort of guy. He’s also willing to put his needs over others. He’s not perfect, and I don’t like perfect hero’s, but he comes around in the end and that’s all that matters.

2)      What excites you about your story?
I like the action and adventure Dark Wolf Enterprises. I also like that two people, Kristof and Trudy, who are meant to be together can conquer all odds to give love a try. And I’m also excited about the prospect of their being more installments to Dark Wolf Enterprises, especially the follow-up, Lover Claimed. While not all of the subsequent stories will follow the same story line, I’m excited to see what else is going on in pack life and what troubles may bring.

3)      What is your favorite line from your story and why?
Dark Wolf Enterprises:
“Wh-what about your super-human heating abilities? Aren’t you supposed to be so hot that’d you’d melt snow?”
I love this line. This is from when Trudy first finds out Kristof is part wolf. He’s begging her to let him back inside and out from the cold and snow and she’s not having it.

4)      Where did you get the idea for your story?
I’ve been kicking around the idea for Dark Wolf Enterprises for a couple for a couple of years now. I actually started the book last year and had to put it down to finish other projects. When the opportunity came to write a story for this multi-author box-set, I brushed it off and picked it right back up. I think it’s a great story about a pack of wolf shifters who are putting pack life above everything else, even love. I’m actually excited to see how long takes each of them down.

5)      Why does your story start where it does?
Our first scene in Dark Wolf Enterprises finds Trudy hiding underneath her desk listening to one of her employees being tortured to death right outside her door. What she doesn’t know if that the assailants are wolf-shifters. That first moment lets us know that Trudy is in way over her head and if she doesn’t have a protector she could be next. Luckily for her Kristof Farkas is feeling responsible for hiring a human accountant and wants to do right by her, meaning protecting her from harm. It’s a novella, so we get thrust right into the action.

6)      Where is your story set and why is this setting exciting/sexy?
Dark Wolf Enterprises is set in a few different places but Kristof and Trudy’s first meet takes place at Trudy’s house, right after she mistake him for an assailant and knees him in the balls. Yep, she brings him to his knees in the very beginning. I find their first meet exciting and sexy because Kristof is thrust in a position to become her knight in shining armor and he rises to the task perfectly.

7)      What is one aspect that makes your romance couple (or more) right for each other?
In Dark Wolf Enterprises, Kristof and Trudy’s commitment and determination are very strong, it comes through in their personalities. Both are strong willed and have a strong root of loyalty within them. Once Kristof and Trudy are able to put aside their small differences they find that they are perfect to each other. Both are driven to succeed which would help their businesses, but they’ll also use this drive to make their relationship work and strengthen it.
8)      What creates conflict between your romance couple?
The main conflict in Dark Wolf Enterprises is that Kristof Farkas and Trudy Hollander come from two very different worlds. She’s a woman driven to get ahead in life and he’s a wolf shifter bent on protecting his company and pack. Trudy senses a pull toward Kristof and she’d like to see where it leads, but Kristof is more than scared of opening his life up to someone who’s so vulnerable as a human female is. In the end, the power of love wins over.

9)      Does a character in your story have a secret? What is it?
Heck yes, in Dark Wolf Enterprises, Kristof Farkas is a wolf shifter! Now if that’s not a powerful secret then I don’t know what is. Trudy is the woman that he’s trying to hide it from. When the cat, er wolf is out of the bag, Trudy is taken aback and would like time to process everything but circumstances don’t allow for that luxury. She’s got to pull it together and trust him if she wants to survive.

10)  Is this a series and will you be writing more stories in this series?
Yes, I’m a series kinda girl. Dark Wolf Enterprises is the name of the series as well as the first book in the installment. Usually I go into the series with an idea of how many books I’ll write, but I didn’t attach a number to this one. Hopefully that means I’ll have a ton of stories to share with everyone! The second book, Lover Claimed released September 8th, 2014. It’s just as action-packed and fast paced as the first! Lover Claimed buy link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00N51975A

11)  What one piece of advice would you give new writers?
Never give up on your dream and write for the right reasons. If writing is something that you want to do, then I stay stick with it. There will be ups and downs as with any profession, but as long as you have a plan you’ll be fine. I also say to write for the right reasons because if you are doing this for fame and glory I believe that you won’t like the outcome, but if you do it because you have great stories to tell and want to share them with people, then I think you’ll forever be fulfilled.

12)  What do you love about writing in your romance sub-genre?

I think it’s helpful to write in the genre that most interest you. If you love science fiction and the paranormal I say write about that. Don’t write anything because it’s new or becoming trendy. I think the readers will eventually catch on that you’re writing outside of your genre. I love sci-fi and paranormal. The possibilities are unlimited and it doesn’t have the constraints as writing historical or even contemporary does. I actually love reading historicals, but  unless a vampire is involved or an alien abduction, I think I would have a hard time conforming to the genre. LOL

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